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Andre the Giant’s Daughter

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, Andre the Giant’s daughter, is an active supporter of his legacy. Based out of Seattle and living a relatively private life, she frequently shares her affection for him with fans.

Christensen-Roussimoff’s father was famous for his size both in the ring and movie roles. Unfortunately he passed away when she was 14; today she continues his legacy by supporting his memory.

The daughter of Andre the Giant

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff holds an indelible connection to her famous father’s legacy as Andre the Giant. Although she strives to maintain her privacy, Robin often participates in events like Comic Con to honor and promote his memory.

Andre the Giant was an internationally renowned wrestler renowned for his immense size and impressive wrestling prowess. During his career he amassed a fortune through wrestling earnings, including amassing an estate including a ranch in Ellerbe, North Carolina he left some assets to his wife and caretaker while leaving most of it to his daughter, Robin.

Robin and her father never developed a close bond due to their physical distance; he resided in North Carolina while she resided in Virginia. Although they did communicate via telephone calls on occasion, their schedules prevented a deeper bond from developing between them. Still, Robin always felt proud of him and was happy to share memories about him with others.

Her father’s legacy

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff bears a striking resemblance to her late father and is revered as an icon. She serves as ambassador for the Andre the Giant Memorial Foundation which raises money and awareness about acromegaly, which affected him. Additionally, Robin regularly participates in charitable events with children in need.

She is an accomplished artist and actress whose works honor her late father and garners many admirers. At the same time, she remains private – preferring not to share details of her personal life publicly.

Andre Rene Roussimoff was an internationally known wrestler. On January 27, 1993 he succumbed to congestive heart failure, leaving Robin only 14 at the time when she learned of it through her answering machine message. Though they never developed a close bond she only saw him five times over his lifetime; shortly thereafter Jean passed away as well. Her hobbies include driving, spending time with friends and reviewing movies – she currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

Her work as an artist

Andre the Giant may be best known as an wrestler, but his daughter Robin Christensen-Roussimoff has earned her place among artists by becoming an established visual artist herself. Robin Christensen-Roussimoff creates paintings and sculptures that explore themes such as identity and mortality – her works have been showcased worldwide in galleries and museums. Roussimoff also serves as an ambassador for the Andre the Giant Memorial Foundation, raising awareness and funds for acromegaly, an uncommon medical condition her father endured. Robin maintains a low profile on social media, preferring to keep her personal life private. Reportedly single and with no children yet, she has discussed in interviews her loss of father who passed away when she was just fourteen.

Her acting career

While Robin may not have followed in her father’s footsteps as a wrestler, she has kept his legacy alive by appearing on various shows and working on a documentary about him. Additionally, Robin raises awareness for acromegaly which affected both of her parents.

Her private life remains discreet, yet she stands as an inspirational role model and example for how women can conquer any challenges in life.

Robin was born in France in 1979 and lives in Seattle, Washington with her mother Jean Christensen who works at World Wrestling Federation as public relations. Robin only saw her father briefly a handful of times due to his travel schedule for wrestling matches; consequently she was very saddened to hear of his passing away in 1993.

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