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Best Bakeries in Kentucky!

Custom made Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen, Louisville, KY

With 10 areas around Louisville, Kentucky, the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen makes it simple to coordinate your #1 pie with a scoop of hand-stirred frozen yogurt. All prepared products at each store are produced using scratch and heated everyday, and the frozen yogurt is stirred manually and in every case new. An outing to the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen is baked good paradise. They offer each pie you can imagine, treats, cupcakes, brownies, and exceptional event cakes, as well as scoops of frozen yogurt, parfaits, and shakes.

Spalding’s Bakery, Lexington, KY

For over 75 years, Spalding’s Bakery in Lexington, Kentucky, has been satisfying cravings for doughnuts. Spalding’s is a family-possessed pastry kitchen that makes its doughnuts by hand everyday utilizing a family recipe that has been gone down through ages. Spalding’s serves customary donut top picks as well as certain augmentations, similar to squanders, brownies, cupcakes, spread bars, and tacky buns.

BabyCakes, Lexington, KY

Child Cakes is Lexington, Kentucky’s most memorable privately claimed bread kitchen, offering customary cupcakes, sans gluten and vegetarian cupcakes, and mark cupcakes that will take your affection for desserts to a higher level. All cupcakes are produced using scratch and prepared day to day. Try to visit during party time on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. what’s more, get every one of the cupcakes you need, for just a dollar each.

Sweet Matriarch, Lexington, KY

For cakes, there could be no more excellent spot in Lexington, Kentucky, than Sweet Matriarch. Sweet Matriarch has some expertise in baking tasty cakes without any preparation utilizing hands down the greatest fixings. However much they can, they attempt to utilize nearby fixings. And keeping in mind that the cakes are the feature, you likewise can’t turn out badly with a treat, brownie, or cupcake that comes in flavors like orange zing and chocolate salted caramel.

Hadorn’s Bakery, Bardstown, KY

An admonition: visiting Hadorn’s Bakery while in Bardstown, Kentucky, may leave you pining and nostalgic for quite a long time. Hadorn’s Bakery serves a donut called a Yum — a frosted turn showered with chocolate, cinnamon, and caramel — that is so great it’s habit-forming. Past doughnuts, Hadorn’s additionally has brownies, cakes, and treats. Make a point to arrive early — the Yum doughnuts vanish rapidly.

Schlabach’s Bakery, LLC. , Gutherie, KY

Schlabach’s in Guthrie, Kentucky, is a family claimed Amish pastry shop that serves pies, cakes, sweet rolls, and bread. The bread at Schlabach’s is the absolute best you’ll find anyplace — thick and rich, it’s however great all alone as it seems to be for sandwiches. On Fridays, they make cinnamon sweet moves that are light, flaky, and delightful, and you can likewise get hand crafted sticks and jams while you’re there to use on your bread when you return home.

Plehn’s Bakery, Louisville, KY

A full-administration bread kitchen, Plehn’s Bakery in Louisville, Kentucky, offers each sort of prepared great you can list. With custom made breads, frozen yogurt, treats, cakes, and cupcakes, Plehn’s will satisfy your sweet tooth, and their doughnuts and kuchens assist you with getting the day going right. Make a point to attempt the spread kuchen, an exquisite and sweet German cake that is an ideal swap for your end of the week donut hankering.

Nord’s Bakery, Louisville, KY

The way that Nord’s Bakery in Louisville, Kentucky, is astounding is confirmed by the line that loosens up of the entryway of the little pastry kitchen consistently morning. Nord’s offers cakes and treats, yet the genuine feature is the doughnuts. Nord’s serves cushioned, flaky doughnuts that soften in your mouth, and their unmistakable doughnut — a caramel long john finished off with a cut of bacon — permits you to coordinate your two most loved breakfast food varieties in a heavenly manner that you couldn’t ever have found all alone.

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