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How to Use Google Home to Control Your Smart Home Devices

Google Home is a smart speaker with far-field voice recognition that lets you play music and podcasts from your preferred streaming services, control smart home devices, and get answers to queries.

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Stream music

Google Home can play music and other content wirelessly over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, enabling multiroom audio experiences across multiple rooms. Multiple speakers may even be combined together for an immersive multiroom sound experience; however, they’re not meant for outdoor use and may struggle to reproduce low bass sounds such as those heard in bass-heavy music or movie scenes.

As soon as you set up a speaker, it asks you to connect it to a streaming service of your choosing and you can access playlists, radio and podcasts.

Google Home max white makes playing music and other content simple by saying: “Ok Google, play (musical artist).” Additionally, you can request specific songs or albums, shuffle your playlists and listen to ambient noise such as ocean waves or thunderstorms. Other options include asking the assistant to read passages from books or news articles aloud; broadcast messages directly to bedroom displays like saying: “Hey Google, tell Bedroom Display breakfast is ready;” set Family Link controls on children’s devices for more stringent parental controls or set timer limits when they access content online or read aloud from news articles online or books.

Control smart home devices

No matter if you’re watching your show on connected TV with Chromecast or listening to on-demand services such as Spotify and YouTube Music, Google Home gives you full voice control. In addition, smart bulbs from Philips, video doorbells from Nest and other devices can all be linked together and controlled voice activated for maximum voice convenience.

Google Home app is the ideal way to manage all your devices, with its ability to display devices that are linked with your account grouped by brand and play audio synchronically in multiple rooms. You can even create speaker groups for playback of similar audio content simultaneously.

Google Home connects directly to your phone, giving you pre-recorded news updates from news outlets like BBC and Sky as well as your calendar events, reminders, alarms, timers and alarms – as well as using smart plugs for any electrical device to be compatible with Google Home.

Get answers

Google’s smart speaker, known as HomePod, can provide accurate answers about weather conditions, your schedule and other details stored in your Google Account. In addition, it can give directions to nearby restaurants, shops and other venues – something which neither Amazon’s Echo or Apple’s HomePod can manage as efficiently.

Google Assistant may start responding to commands on an incorrect device if your activation phrase – usually OK, Google – has been set up to trigger speakers nearby. When this occurs, a prompt appears asking which device should respond and why.

If you are experiencing this problem with one of your Home devices, unplugging it and leaving it off for at least a minute before plugging it back in again. Or you can reboot the device through your app by selecting it, tapping three dots in upper-right corner to access Settings before tapping More then Reboot button.

Make calls

Making calls on Google Home couldn’t be simpler: just say “Hey Google” and the Assistant will dial someone from your contact list or look up businesses and call them directly without using up minutes from your plan. Calls made over Wi-Fi won’t use up minutes either!

Google Home can also make hands-free calls between other Google Home devices and Android phones using Bluetooth headsets or devices, but you cannot make Echo-to-Echo calls like you can with an Alexa device and its app.

If you don’t have many (or any) contacts saved to Google services, making calls on Google Assistant might not be possible. To enable it, open the Google Home app and tap the menu button at the top of your screen; select Settings then Personal Results before turning on Allow Personal Results; you can end calls either by saying “Hey Google, hang up” or tapping your device’s top edge.


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