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Rapper – DD Osama

DD Osama is a talented young rapper who has made waves in the music industry, amassing a substantial fan base on social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube.

DD Osama rose to prominence through the drill wave movement created by artists like Chief Keef. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when his brother Ethan Reyes, better known by his moniker Notti Osama was killed at age 14.

DD Osama’s Music

Born David Reyes, DD Osama has quickly established himself among New York City drill artists with his high-octane rhymes. Already after just one year as an artist, this young rapper has amassed millions of YouTube views and Spotify subscribers – evidenced by over one billion YouTube views and 1,000,000 Spotify listeners respectively!

Osama is one of the youngest rising stars on the New York drill scene and has worked alongside artists like Coi Leray, Lil Mabu, Sugarhill Ddot and Sugarhill Ddot. Additionally, he serves as a mentor for up-and-coming drill artists JayKlickin and JStar Balla.

DD Osama age is heavily influenced by his late brother Notti Osama who died this past July from being stabbed. They had great chemistry when writing songs together and Osama has used this grief as inspiration for his music since his brother passed.

DD Osama’s latest single, “Upnow,” featuring Coi Leray is an example of his young rapper’s ability to stand up against competition with ease. His charismatic rap style can only increase as this track rises up the charts further.

DD Osama’s Net Worth

DD Osama is one of the hottest young rappers on the drill rap scene. He boasts millions of subscribers to YouTube and has amassed billions in views; in addition, his Instagram and Twitter following is massive despite being only 21 years old! Through hard work and dedication alone, he has achieved success despite his age.

“He first launched his music career in 2021 when he released his debut video. His songs feature catchy beats and lyrics filled with insults; among his most renowned tracks is “Dead Opps,” an homage to Notti who passed away three years earlier.

DD Osama has an estimated net worth of $800,000. His primary source of income is music, having collaborated with numerous well-known artists like Lil Durk. He shares an exceptional relationship with his mother, does not drink alcohol and never attends bars or nightclubs. His father works in business while his mother runs her real estate agency business – both are also very supportive of DD’s rap career which began at Harlem Academy.

DD Osama’s Songs

DD Osama has created songs about his struggles in life; from drugs and alcohol addictions to grieving the death of his brother Notti Osama. Since he was 14, DD Osama has been making music as his way of honoring Notti with pride.

Osama has experienced rapid rise to stardom since debuting with viral singles and collaborations with established artists such as Coi Leray and Lil Mabu via Alamo Records. Yet his debut mixtape Here 2 Stay is more like an audition than an accurate reflection of his skills or experiences.

“Show No Love” is an instrumental track with a beat-heavy beat that recalls an unreleased Rylo Rodriguez song while still featuring some short Osama bars here and there – less than 25% of its runtime to be exact – where Osama can be clearly heard delivering his verse. An attentive listener can quickly spot those spots.

DD Osama’s Collaborations

Here 2 Stay, DD Osama’s debut project, showcases collaborations with Rylo Rodriguez, Coi Leray, HoodStarDotty, Sugarhill Ddot and Lil Zay Osama among many others. Among its many noteworthy tracks are “40s N 9s” and the deeply personal single, “Letter 2 Notti.”

Osama has proven his talent at writing hard-hitting drill songs with striking guest features through his collaborations, particularly “Dead Opps,” featuring Notti Osama. Utilizing uptempo beats, Osama and Notti use clever lyrics to jab at rivals with fierce lyrics that taunt one another.

DD Osama has achieved great success since emerging on New York City’s drill scene, yet remains grounded and dedicated to his community. Active on social media and having sold out numerous shows – such as one coming up at Racket in NYC on March 7 – as well as embarking on several tours across the nation, Osama remains grounded and committed.

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