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Best Bakeries in Nashville


For quite a long time Puffy Muffin has been prevailing upon cake darlings. Selling custom made bread, rolls, cakes and biscuits, they have shown an enthusiasm for divine sweets. Indeed, even following 25 years, Puffy Muffin keeps on being a staple for Nashvillians looking for immaculate cakes, treats, and treats. Likewise a number one of women lunch – with their chicken serving of mixed greens, and crepes, they demonstrate that Puffy Muffin is on par for excellency. Per their statement of purpose: “We exist to give a climate of greatness that recognizes us from others, being driven by the Lord, to set out open doors for development and to create for our representatives and visitors an encounter of our certified appreciation and obligation to greatness.”

Flapjack PANTRY

Somewhat more southern than cake, Pancake Pantry is famous for its lavish and delectable breakfast. This amazing breakfast joint close to Vanderbilt University serves one of Nashville’s most delicious morning feasts, particularly assuming that you’re in the temperament for their unique flapjacks. For a delectable inception, cover a request with your fixing of decision outdated maple syrup, cinnamon-cream, or even raspberry cream. In the event that you’re truly ravenous and hotcakes simply will not do, a server might have the option to talk you into the Grill Cook’s Medley broiled potatoes covered with eggs, cheddar, peppers, and who can say for sure what else! Make certain to focus for who gets through the entryway – popular countenances are in many cases spotted here.


Birthday, celebration, festivity coming your direction? Then you want a cupcake answer for toast the day. The Cupcake Collection makes a new group of these engaging edibles everyday, utilizing hands down the greatest fixings. Fulfill your sweet tooth by visiting the curious Germantown area, which is housed in a comfortable, redesigned cabin. The day to day determination fluctuates however consistently incorporates enticing staples like red velvet, carrot, chocolate and strawberry. Search for exceptional, occasionally enlivened choices like yam and wedding cake, as well. Recall that all cupcakes were not made equivalent. Pay attention to your sense of taste and go ahead and have a go at a genuinely new thing.


In the core of downtown Franklin, Merridee’s is a fortune among pastry shops. Serving just scratch-made items, nothing unexpected Merridee’s Breadbasket is quite possibly of the most famous pastry kitchen nearby. Fulfill your sweet tooth with radiant hand crafted pies, brownies, treats, cakes and different baked goods. Merridee’s is likewise an extraordinary spot for breakfast and lunch, including specially made omelets and hand crafted chicken serving of mixed greens sandwiches to ham and cheddar loaves and the exemplary Philly cheddar steak. They’re open from breakfast to supper, and their sandwich and salad passage are basically as fulfilling as their flavorful heated merchandise. Attempt both, and remember to take a side of chocolate to go.


On of the staples and milestones of Music City, on the off chance that you are a doughnut fan, or simply an enthusiast of dissolve in-your-mouth baked good, this is an ideal spot for you. Flaunting a decades-in length history, Fox’s Donut Den is a symbol among nearby pastry shops. Their popular, newly made doughnuts arrive in different delicious flavors, for example, frosted, chocolate, blueberry cake, Devil’s food cake and maple. Other fulfilling desserts incorporate glazed donuts, chocolate eclairs, cinnamon rolls and turnovers. This local pastry shop likewise offers a great combination of bagels and biscuits, as well as kolaches. So drop by now and again, and go ahead and test mutiple!


With regards to pastry kitchens on the eastside, this local shop is a nearby number one. Arranged scones, biscuits, espresso cakes, treats and different treats are prepared new everyday, and exceptional cake flavors make certain to enchant. The Elvis cake, which highlights banana cake layered with peanut butter cream and finished off with cream cheddar frosting, is a well known pick. Exquisite things are likewise accessible, and the Saturday morning egg dish breakfast sandwich comes strongly suggested. Stroll off your full tummy by perusing five focuses – there are various shops to examine, from East Side Story Bookstore to Hello Cowboy and Goodbye Girl.

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