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Are you seeking an easy way to teach your child insect names in English? Want to make the learning process fun? This article provides insect names, educational activities, and interesting facts to make learning enjoyable.

What Are The Insects

Insects are a type of animal with three body parts – head, thorax, and abdomen – and six legs. Earth has over a million species of insects, and they can be found everywhere except Antarctica.

1): Types of Insects for Kids

Here are some categories of insects and their names for kids:


Bees, insects with wings, play a crucial role in pollination and are responsible for pollinating one out of three bites of our food.


Wasps, relatives of bees and ants, are commonly found pests. Some wasp species, like hornets and yellow jackets, live in queen-ruled nests.


Flies, a ubiquitous insect found worldwide except for the polar ice caps, can taste through their feet.


Dragonflies have elongated bodies and large transparent wings with iridescent colors ranging from green to blue. They are known for their bright and attractive appearance.


Food, clothing, and other items can all be damaged by them.


With elegant and colorful wings, Butterflies are insects that use their feet to taste and smell flowers.


Mosquitoes are insects with three pairs of legs and segmented bodies and are infamous for piercing skin, and blood, and spreading diseases.


Grasshoppers are insects with long legs, all-around vision via specialized eyes, and flight capability. They tend to be green or brown in hue.


Beetles are among the oldest insects in the world and are well-recognized for their various colors. They can survive in a wide range of hot and cold climates.


Crickets, insects with long antennae, are recognizable by their chirping sounds on warm evenings. There are about 900 species worldwide.

2): These Crawling Insects

Here are some categories of crawling insects and their names for kids:


One and has a lifting capacity of 1–15 times its weight. Insects like these live in colonies with their queen.


The biggest crawling insects are caterpillars, which develop into moths or butterflies.


Spiders have eight legs, and there are over 40,000 species found globally.


Cockroaches are a common household pest that can quickly take over homes. They come in various sizes and range from reddish-brown to black.


Termites are white insects that feed on wood and can cause significant damage to homes.

Bed Bug: 

Bed bugs are small insects, measuring 1 to 2 mm in size, and can be tough to eliminate, often requiring specialized treatment.


Lice are tiny insects that reside on the bodies of animals and humans.


Silverfish are insects with a silvery appearance and fish-like movements. They have long antennae and are active at night, moving rapidly.


Earwigs measure about one inch. They possess elongated antennae and a distinctive pincer tail.


Booklice are insects with flat bodies in light brown or cream color, often found feeding on old books.

How to Teach Insect Names to Kids?

Teaching the names of insects to kids can be made fun with interactive activities. Here are a few ideas:

Insect scavenger hunt: Take your child on an insect hunt in your yard or a nearby park. Ask them to find and identify different insects and add their names to a list.

Insect matching game: Print out pictures of insects and their names. Cut the pictures and names into separate cards and have the child match them.

Insect bingo: Create a bingo board with insect names and pictures.

Insect facts: Share fun facts about insects with your child, like how bees help pollinate the food we eat and how dragonflies are excellent hunters.

Create an insect book: Help your child make a book about insects, including the names and pictures of different insects and facts about each one.

In judgment, teaching kids the names of insects may be helpful if done interactively and with pleasure. With these ideas, your child can learn the names of insects easily.

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