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5 Suggestions for First-Timers to Sit for Online Exams

Almost every academic institution and its curriculums have shifted to a hybrid medium. Hence, it’s obvious that there will be certain tests and assessments that will turn into online mode of exams. But the challenge is for those who will appear for this test for the first time.

Well, it’s nothing that challenging about online exam help, which non-tech savvy people complain about. All you need is to take certain measures for the smooth running of your exams.

So, check below and learn how you can do that –

Do a practice test under virtual exam conditions

When taking regular in-person exams, the opportunity to practice with test papers is no big deal. But, when you prepare for an online exam, you must practice the test method with the mentioned software as asked by your lecturer.

You can set up an exam environment with the online set-up in your chosen study area and take two or three trials to check your confidence.

This is also good timing to make sure your internet connection is strong and, most importantly, that you can easily use the exam software.

Perform daily software inspections

Make sure you are prepared and ready to sit for the exam about 45 minutes before the start time.

You might need to complete some pre-exam checks prior to the exam, depending on the online exam portal you’re using. Online essay help Here, keeping your ID card beside is important as you might need to show it in front of the camera.

Another is checking through your laptop’s camera to look around your room and make sure the surrounding is presentable, or you can also blur your background.

Moreover, it’s vital to confirm that your webcam, microphone etc., are all well-functioned. The majority of portals employ these to make sure you aren’t cheating, and if your internet continues going out, you can be marked for suspect behaviour.

Keep your contacts ready to call in case of technical issues

Things can still go wrong on your big day, despite all the checks and practice runs in the world. However, keep calm. Your instructor will provide you with the phone number of someone who can assist you if you experience technical problems.

Save this person’s phone number so you can immediately call them. They can get in touch with the invigilator, who will then either grant you more time or halt your exam until the problem is rectified.

You must also add some personal contacts, like any of your friends who have more ideas on solving technical glitches.

Wear relaxed attire

The perk of sitting for an online exam is that you can write or solve your test in your favourite pajamas!

Yes, you can indeed wear something you are comfortable in, and that will keep you warm enough for the entire exam, keeping in mind that you are not permitted to leave the room throughout the exam.

However, read the instructions in advance because, just like with in-person exams, there can be certain attire that is prohibited specifically for viva exams and online presentations.

Take Breaks for More Than One Test

If you were taking tests in person, you would logically pause after each one to discuss how it went with your classmates. You can still carry out this action.

As soon as you have turned in your answers, step outside into the fresh air and call a friend to ask how they found it.

This will enable your mind to shut off temporarily and give you time to rest so that you may approach your next exam rested and ready properly. Water helps to concentrate the mind, so make sure you drink some.

Summary- Online exams can be challenging if it’s your first time. But nothing is impossible, and you will gradually find online exams preferable. So, read this article & learn how to be better in this type of test.
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