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Best Restaurants in Bar Harbor

La Bella Vita

Situated at the Harborside Hotel, La Bella Vita is one of the more upscale feasting choices in Bar Harbor. In the style of a genuine Italian trattoria, this restaurant is loaded up with warm varieties and delightful smells; you can eat inside among the wonderful mosaics, or outside on the patio — complete with harbor sees. Their broad supper/lunch menu is loaded with exemplary Italian top choices — and make certain to actually take a look at their home claims to fame.

Finback Alehouse

This notable, upscale eatery is open the entire year, keeping inhabitants and guests the same took care of and content with their mindfully collected menus of superb charge. With their first class administration, privately obtained fixings, and by and large around pleasant environment, I could see myself turning into an ordinary at their half-round bar, talking up local people and barkeep all through those dull Maine cold weather months… unfortunately, if by some stroke of good luck I lived here.


Having caught the boasting freedoms as “nearest Irish bar to Ireland in the U.S.,” Leary’s is likewise open the entire year — which is cause for a cry of “Sláinte!” while raising your half quart of Guinness. Whether you’re there for the previously mentioned half quart, some kinship while watching the game, a pinch of bourbon, or some belly filling charge, have confidence you’ll get what you came for.

McKay’s Public House

Promoted as “innovative turns on exemplary bar charge,” the menu at McKay’s is certainly that; you’ll partake in a raised, bar style feasting experience here, from stem to harsh. Mixed drinks, canapés, dishes, and pastries — all flavorful and perfectly introduced. McKay’s closes for a short spell in winter and returns in March to the people that certainly missed the delightful copper-beat tables and bar, the expert, well disposed staff, and the marvelous food.


With the exception of a six-week break from mid-February through April first, you can find the dedicated people at Havana presenting their unmistakable style of Latin-impacted American food five days per week. Champ of the Wine Spectator Award for Excellence throughout the previous 18 years, Havana has as of late extended and presently includes The Parrilla, an open air tapas cocktail lounge and restaurant.


This occasional neighborhood most loved is self-promoted as “the best lobster bar in Bar Harbor,” and there’s no contention from this quarter. With their notorious, round bar, signature lobster rolls, and flawless water sees, Geddy’s has positively acquired the credit. Their menu brings a lot to the table for both fish sweethearts and sod huggers the same — and has been doing as such for north of 40 years.


Portraying their own stylish as comfortable contemporary, Galyn’s is an occasional, family-run diner with a well-organized menu. With new Maine fish choices (the Frenchman Bay Stew will make you need to get the bowl and guzzle) as well as dishes brought into the world on a ranch (like their andouille-Stuffed Pork Chop or the Roasted Cauliflower Steaks), Galyn’s concentrates on each culinary detail… directly down to the last chomp of that Flourless Chocolate Cake

Side Street Café

This occasional, family-run problem area is a neighborhood #1 for some reasons: Their week after week Wednesday party time gives continues to nearby causes; their staff is warm, inviting, and comprehensive; and their food and drink menus are superb. Side Street’s most well known things are their unmistakable macintosh ‘n cheddar, lobster rolls, fish tacos, specialty burgers, and house margaritas… however you truly can’t turn out badly with anything.

Salt and Steel

This upscale bistro’s feasting and mixed drink contributions are show-stoppers — as lovely to take a gander at as they are delectable — and it’s a pity they aren’t open throughout the year. However at that point once more, it gives you something to anticipate each spring! Their menus are continually changing with anything neighborhood purveyors are giving, so if you need to realize what is on offer, make certain to call.

Paddy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

Paddy’s can be tracked down in the West Street Hotel — and in light of the fact that the lodging is occasional, this neighborhood most loved is as well. Feeling more like confidential, elegant, noble man’s club or library than an Irish bar, Paddy’s makes you believe that should arrange an Irish espresso and get comfortable for a long, relaxed supper — in spite of the fact that they are open the entire day, and component breakfast, lunch, and supper menus.

The Reading Room

One of the feasting choices at the occasional Bar Harbor Inn, The Reading Room is a pleasure for the faculties: Panoramic sea sees permit you to partake in the sights and hints of their notable waterfront area, and only one nibble of anything from their imaginatively gathered menu will without a doubt make your sense of taste aware of the way that this is eating at its ideal. Goodness, and make certain to leave room in your gut for one of their “after supper treats and finales.”

Parched Whale Tavern

Privately possessed and worked for over thirty years, this spot has procured its notoriety by offering delectable, bar toll in oversize segments — and at fair costs. While commonly open all year, the Thirsty Whale was shut for the colder time of year in 2022 — which most likely implied that numerous local people were eager for the arrival of the Thirsty Whale’s solace food menu.

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