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Best UAE embassy attestation provider | India

What is the UAE embassy attestation?

When getting your documents attested by the UAE Embassy, you should keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, only certain documents can be attested – including diplomas, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and commercial documents. The process can be confusing and time-consuming, but we’ve got all the information you need here.

Aside from knowing which documents can be attested, it’s also important to know the fees associated with the process. The UAE Embassy attestation charges a standard fee for most documents, but there may be additional charges for express service or rush orders.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the UAE Embassy is closed on both UAE and US holidays. So, if you’re planning on getting your documents attested, factor in any holidays that might impact the process.

How to get the UAE embassy attested document online ?

UAE embassy attested documents are required for a number of reasons. For those who need them for employment, residency, or citizenship purposes, getting the required documents can be a daunting task. Even for those who are simply traveling to the UAE, certain documents must be attested by the UAE embassy. Thankfully, getting UAE embassy attested documents had been made much simpler and easier with the advent of the internet. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get UAE embassy attested documents online.

The first step is to log on to the website of the UAE embassy in the country where the document originates. For example, if the document is from the United States, the UAE embassy website in the United States should be accessed. Once on the website, look for the section that pertains to attested documents. In this section, there will likely be a list of the types of documents that the UAE embassy can attest.

The next step is to print out the document that needs to be attested. Once the document is printed, sign and date it. Include any other required information as indicated by the UAE embassy website.

List of documents you can attest at the UAE embassy attestation

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Marriage Certificate
  3. Death Certificate
  4. Power of Attorney
  5. Educational Certificates
  6. Commercial Documents
  7. Medical Certificates

There are a few things to remember when getting documents to attest at the UAE embassy. First, make sure to bring the original documents as well as copies. The embassy will keep the originals and return the copies to you. Second, be prepared to pay a fee for the service. The embassy accepts cash, credit cards, or bank drafts. Finally, plan on spending a few hours at the embassy. The process can be lengthy, so be patient.

Benefits of document attestation for UAE

There are many benefits of document attestation when it comes to traveling to the United Arab Emirates. By having your documents attested, you can be sure that they will be accepted by the UAE government and that you will be able to go through immigration and customs smoothly. Furthermore, document attestation can also help speed up the visa application process.

List of documents you can attest

Marriage certificate attestation India
Indian birth certificate attestation in UAE
Education certificate attestation in India for UAE
Degree attestation from UAE embassy
Educational documents attestation


In conclusion, if you are looking for an embassy attestation provider in the United Arab Emirates, look no further than The Good Embassy. They have been providing this service for years and are one of the most experienced providers on the market. So if you want to secure your documents easily and quickly, then The Good Embassy is the perfect choice for you.

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