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Cleanser vs Face Wash: What’s the Real Difference and Why Does It Matter

Cleanser Vs Face Wash is a long-lasting debate. However, everyone wants clear and perfect skin. How is it possible? The most straightforward answer is to clean your face with a face wash or cleanser. But before that, you should know their different uses. This blog covers brief details about the two different products. Let’s get started with it now!

When to use a cleanser?

Your face is the most prominent part of the skin. To make it feel fresh and beautiful, you require a cleanser. Every individual has a different skin type. Similarly, their requirements for skin products are different.

Sometimes you might feel stickiness, oiliness, and bumpiness on your skin. These are the common signs of how pollution acts on your skin. To clear these off, you need to clean the skin. Hence, you require a cleanser.

The purpose of any cleanser is to remove impurities, sweat, sebum, or makeup from the skin. In addition to this, cleansers provide complete nourishment to your skin. It makes your face feels hydrated and relaxed. Clearing the excess sebum doesn’t dry your skin; instead, your skin stays moisturized.

When to use a face wash?

The face wash is a product you must regularly use, like in your daily routine. It penetrates deep into the layers of skin and effectively cleans the pores. Similarly, it manages the production of excess oil in the skin.

People with oily skin require more face wash than a cleanser. A face wash improves your blood circulation in the face. So, it rejuvenates your skin cells. It makes your skin appear younger. On the other hand, if dry skin type people use face wash, their skin becomes super dry. Moreover, they might feel irritation on the skin.

Cleanser Vs Face Wash, which is better?

To settle the debate of what to choose between both, read further. Both of the products could help your skin according to the skin’s requirements. You can try the Belle Cote Parisproducts to cleanse your face. To clarify things, the following are some differences between the products.


A cleanser’s purpose is to remove makeup residues and impurities gently. It then hydrates your skin. On the other hand, a face wash works with double action formula. It does a deep cleaning of the face and even removes bacteria.

Skin type

For differentiating the Cleanser Vs Face Wash according to the skin type, the cleanser works for dry to sensitive skin. In comparison, a face wash is used by people with oily to combinational skin.

Product texture

The non-foaming texture is typical in a cleanser but can also have a luxurious creamy texture. A face wash comes with a foaming texture.

The moisturizing or hydrating effect

From a cleanser, you can expect it to have a hydrating and moisturizing effect on the skin. However, a face wash removes oil from the skin, so it doesn’t hydrate nor moisturize the skin.

When to use it?

You can use a cleanser, preferably at night, and similarly, face wash in the morning.


The application of a cleanser might not require rinsing. In comparison, after applying face wash, you must rinse it.

Best for acne treatment

A cleanser offers deep cleansing even through the skin’s pores. Hence, it prevents acne from forming. On the other hand, face wash removes excess oil from the skin.


Cleanser is often part of the skincare routine. However, a face wash prepares your skin for a skincare routine.

PH level

Cleansers come with a skin-friendly pH value. While face wash can sometimes be harsh on the skin. Further, if you learn more about cleansers, follow the Belle Cote Parisbrand.

The best cleansers available

This brand offers you the two best cleansers they have.

  • Marine collagen anti-aging cleanser

It is usually called Anti-Aging Cleanser for everyday detox.It comes with a milky texture that provides complete hydration to the skin. Similarly, the collagen peptides found in it regenerate your skin. Your skin will start glowing differently with the use of this product.

  • Marine volcanic mud cleanser

Belle Cote Paris introduced another cleanser.It comes with a light foamy texture. Similarly, it diminishes the presence of excess oil on the skin. Hence, your skin would have zero shine or oiliness.

To wrap up!

Cleanser Vs Face Wash is an extended argument that demands the differences between the two products. You can choose which suits your skin type. Hence, keep following a good skincare routine along with a cleanser.


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