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Do You Need A Financial Advisor Or A Financial Planner?

To get the best financials results, hiring a professional is usually a smart move. Especially if the job involves something that can majorly impact your life, you should want only the best of the best.

When it comes to your finances, having a financials advisor or a financials planner by your side can benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. If you are one of those people who knows that they are not an expert in matters that concern money. Someone who has the right knowledge and skills in everything related to the financials world can help you make smarter decisions and create a sound financial plan to secure your future.

What does a financial advisor or financial planner do?

Both financial advisors and financial planners can help you with financial management. However, they differ in certain aspects.

With a financial advisor, you can learn about ways to invest your money and how to find the right financial products. You can work with them short-term and engage in one-off transactions.

On the other hand, with a financial planner, you can learn how to define clear life goals and how to create a financial roadmap to achieve those goals. You can work with them long-term and establish an ongoing relationship.

Depending on your financial needs, you can choose which professional can provide you with the most suitable financial advice.

What should you look for in a financial advisor or financial planner?

With many options for financial advising and financial planning available for you, choosing the best one can be hard. Below are some key factors to take into consideration:

Type – There are different types of financial advisors and financial planners. They can be traditional, online, or AI. If you want to meet with them in person to discuss your financial matters, traditional financial advisors and planners are the way to go. If’s you want to do everything online, there are human financial advisors that offer their services virtually too. If you only need simple and basic financial management assistance, robo-advisors. Which are programmed to deal with general financial matters, may be sufficient.

Background – Gather information about the experience and skills of the financial advisors or planners on your shortlist. Verify the legitimacy of any certifications, licenses, and credentials they claim to have. Research if they have any instances of committing fraud or other disciplinary problems. Because your finances are crucial to your success in life, you have work with someone who you can completely trust.

Cost – There are two ways financial advisors and financial planners can be paid — flat fees or commissions. From the start, you have to discuss their fee structure so that you can prepare. A budget and avoid surprises once you get their bill.

How do you find a financial advisor or financial planner in Glenview?

If you are in Glenview and need a financial advisor or financial planner, Glenview has several options for you. Doing a quick search of “best financial advisor Glenview” or “fee-only financial planner Glenview” should show you listings of financial advisors or planners to choose from. Go through the results of your “best financial advisor Glenview” or “fee only financial planner Glenview” query, and check out their websites, online business profiles, and social media accounts. Research their background, experience, and credentials. Compare their services and fees, and read comments and reviews posted online by their previous clients to determine the one that suits your needs best.


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