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How to protect your mattress when moving by Britwrap?

The time has come for you to move, so we must pack all our belongings in the most efficient manner possible. Dresses in boxes, valuables carefully wrapped in padding, and our mattress? What precautions should we take to ensure it is not damaged during the move? We at Britwrap will give you some pointers on how to protect it and put it on another front for the move so that it does not arrive at its destination damaged or dirty.


Advice on how to keep the mattress in good condition during the move

Protect the mattress from dust and moisture by wrapping it in plastic. This will also keep it clean. Make sure that it is well wrapped all the way around and that the corners and edges are well reinforced because if it gets wet, you will need to thoroughly dry it before you can use it in your new house.

Layer the space beneath the bed with blankets.

If your old blankets are the right size, you can further protect your mattress by placing them underneath them. This will help prevent it from sliding around in the truck while it is being transported and also help prevent it from sticking to other pieces of furniture.

Take great care in selecting the moving vehicle.

It is recommended that you move with an enclosed truck because, if it rains while you move, you can ensure your mattress is still protected. It is common knowledge that moving during a rainstorm is an extremely hazardous endeavor; therefore, the easiest and most convenient way to relocate without causing any damage to the furniture is to rent a truck. Because of this, another piece of advice that we have for you is to check the weather before you leave. It is recommended that you move on a day when it is not going to rain; however, if this is not possible, you can always cover your furniture with plastic to keep it from getting wet.

Put the mattress in the space between the two pieces of furniture.

During the transfer, you will protect it from damage and ensure it does not move. Additionally, because the mattress will serve as a shield for both pieces of furniture, you will be protecting your possessions in a manner that is two times as effective.

Use a storage

It is recommended that you rent a storage unit if it is likely that the mattress will be left unused for an extended period. This will ensure that your furniture, not just the mattress, is protected. Also, keep it in a location with a low overall humidity percentage.

Avoid folding the mattress at all costs.

You mustn’t fold the mattress in half while moving it, particularly if the interior is made of springs.

You are now aware of safeguarding your mattress during the moving process. If, on the other hand, you are going to move and want to change your mattress immediately, Britwrap is the place to come because we have a large selection of mattress bags for moving available to you at the best price.

In addition, one of our sleep specialists will advise you, and you can take home the mattress that suits your requirements. Ask us!

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