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Leather Golf Gloves: Find The Ideal Fit

Golf Glovesespecially leather golf glovesshould fit like a second skin, look good, withstand different weather conditions and last a long time. Golf gloves are as much a part of the game as drivers and putters. We explain what should be considered when buying a medley of contemporary models like the Cabretta leather golf gloves.

It is the same with golf gloves as with many other components of functional sports equipment. How do you decide, given the extensive, diverse range? When shopping for leather golf gloves, golfers are confronted with different materials, styles, fits and prices. Some things depend on personal taste, but certain features are essential prerequisites for the best possible game performance and should be observed. For example, if your golf glove doesn’t fit properly, it can mean you’re losing shots on the round. And we all don’t want that.

Variants of golf gloves

There are golf gloves made of full leather, those that combine leather parts with synthetic fabrics, and completely synthetic options. When it comes to leather, Cabretta leather golf gloves (sheepskin) dominate, as it is exceptionally soft and comfortable to wear and is readily available. But leather from goats and kangaroos is also used. For many golfers, genuine leather cannot be surpassed when it comes to wearing comfort and adhesion. The thinner the leather, the shorter the lifespan. However, the quality of the leather used and the artistry also play a decisive role in durability.

Combining leather with synthetics such as lycra, nylon, mesh and stretch materials can lead to more outstanding durability and shape retention, increase breathability and, when used in the right places, also improve fit. The great strength of purely synthetic gloves is their universal applicability in all weather conditions, especially when it gets wet.

However, the rule that leather is not suitable for damp or wet conditions because it becomes slippery and the moisture damages the material is both obsolete and unreservedly true today. 

The most common mistake golfers make when buying leather golf gloves.

The most glaring and common mistake made by golfers and their gloves is size. Over 60 per cent of golfers wear a glove that is too big. This can lead to premature wear and significantly affect the glove’s performance, directly impacting the golfer’s performance. If the model does not fit properly, the excess material will rub together during the swing, leading to abrasion and increasing the likelihood of the racquet handle slipping in your hand.

Leather golf gloves: Find the right fit

Important indicators for a properly fitting glove are:

  • A quarter inch of the Velcro should be visible when the glove is first put on. The glove will still expand.
  • No excessive material sagging on the back of the hand when laid flat or in a grip position.
  • No loose material around the fingertip (this means the glove is too long).
  • The glove should fit like a second skin.
  • Some manufacturers are more consistent with sizing than others; for example, a medium glove is a different size than the next medium-sized glove.
  • Golfers with large palms and comparatively short fingers should consider cadet-sized gloves that accommodate this anatomy.

Perfectly fitting leather golf gloves will help ensure a consistent connection to the racquet, regardless of heat, humidity and sweat. Of course, some golfers prefer not to wear gloves. We don’t want to stand in their way on the way to calluses and blisters or congratulate them on the resilience of their hands. But let’s face it, practically the entire world’s elite of professional golfers rely on the use of gloves – and with good reason. 

Cabretta leather golf gloves have a better grip than bare skin, especially in wet conditions, and help confidently keep the racquet in the swing. This way, you can feel safe knowing you will not lose control of the stick.

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