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The Allure of Intricate Embroidery: Maryum N Maria Signature Style

In the realm of wedding wear, Maryum N Maria has a top name. Their clothes are widely acknowledged and have a sweet feminine touch to them. Sublime work of threads and the hues, makes their collections stand out. You can find unstitched and ready to wear formal collections from online. As many people look forward to their collections, you can find them in other retail stores as well. Such as Raja Sahib, a top wholesale platform to buy all your clothing needs.

Buy Maryum N Maria Dresses Online

In Pakistan, cultural ethnic clothes hold the main forte while attending weddings. The main designs of clothes have always been the same. But the brands now incorporate contemporary trends with the dresses to give a new design to their customers. Using different styles and trends is common and is used a lot now. This gives the brands a new way to present their collections. In a collection there are multiple dresses, giving the customers a chance to choose the one they like the most. The dresses differentiate on the basis of colors, embroidered work, and the design. Some of the major designs are lehenga choli, angrakha, gharara, long and short shirts, sharara, etc. Cape shawls, kaftan, peplum shirts have also now become quite the norm, including saree. You will find all these designs from Maryum N Maria easily.

Kids Collection

c. Laadli, the collection name, has multiple dresses for the little girls. The dresses have embroidered work all over the shirt and are available in three-piece. This pret collection is perfect for your little baby as the dresses are colorful. You can check the size guide and select the dress that you love.

Formal Wedding Collection

In Pakistan, weddings have a huge importance. There are multiple functions which take place which means that each function you have to dress up in a new dress. This is why people now have multiple options of dresses so that they can wear and style them at the functions. As there are multiple functions, each design can be used each day.

Each collection overtakes the previous one as being more flamboyant. The color combinations, the designing and the embellishments makes the collection stand out more. They use different fabrics and for winters, velvet dresses take over.

Maryum N Maria Winter Clothes | Velvet Clothes

Velvet clothes are perfect for winters. They are warm and think and with cold weather they do provide you protection. A good-quality velvet is shiny and soft which gives a royal look while wearing it in a wedding. Velvet clothes come in all colors and styles and can be matched with other fabrics like organza. The embroidered work also stands out beautifully and can be placed anywhere such as shoulders, neckline, sleeves, or borders. From unstitched to ready to wear clothes, Maryum N Maria has stored all kinds of clothes for you. The hues they choose always makes the dresses stand out from other brands. This is why Maryum N Maria dresses have become a top choice for the brides on their special day. You can buy their clothes online or in stores.

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