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What Kind Of Ink Is Used For Tattoos?

The type and quality of ink you allow onto your skin is a very serious matter.

Even so, it’s something that those receiving tattoo’s don’t always pay enough attention too!

The ALL DAY Tattoo studio in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, pay serious attention to this matter and as such we only use the highest quality branded inks which we import directly from the USA.

With this in mind, we would like to put the record straight and explain why the type and quality of ink used by artists is so important.

As we progress we will also answer some of the most common questions we receive.

How is tattoo ink made?

To make ethical tattoo ink a carrier and colorant needs to be mixed.

  • The carrier consists of a clear liquid. This helps perform skin absorption from the pigment molecules. Liquids used include alcohol, glycerin or witch hazel.
  • The colorant is the pigment which is made from organic or mineral sources.

To maintain consistency in terms of color and longevity the highest quality carrier and colorant ratios must be as precise as possible.

This is no easy feat and as a consequence many of the inks produced today are not of the highest quality.

They simply do not achieve the required preciseness.

Sub-standard ink is often diluted to excess with carriers.

The result is that the appearance of this ink is too light when applied under the skin and will fade more rapidly.

Why is it so important for a studio to use the highest quality ink?

Reputation means everything to a tattoo studio and it’s artists.

The ALL DAY Tattoo team have worked hard to become the #1 licensed tattoo studio in Bangkok and we intend to maintain that position.

Along with highly skilled tattoo artists who are internationally recognised, and the strictest hygiene standards we pride ourselves on using only quality tattoo inks from reputable, highly-recognized producers.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the higher the quality of ink used for tattooing, the better the finished article.

Sub-standard inks are not only likely to increase irritation and constitute increased health risks, they will reduce the effect, clarity and color of your finished design.

If tattoo ink is mixed with too much alcohol its application will be rendered as being too ‘thin’ and if the ink in question does not contain the required amount of pigment it is prone to fade after just a few years.

This is why the ALL DAY Tattoo team are committed to using only the highest quality branded inks imported from the USA for all of our clients.

A Tattoo is a Lifetime Commitment

We are very well aware that committing to a tattoo will leave a permanent design on your body.

The ALL DAY Tattoo team are fully conscious that such a design should not only look stunning today, but that it should remain clear and vibrant for decades to come.

This can only be achieved by using the highest quality of tattoo ink.

The ink used must be very carefully selected in terms of the appropriate color, and it must maintain its consistency and color-fastness.

Another very strong reason that you should insist on only the highest quality ink relates to larger tattoos.

When an artist is tasked with completing a large tattoo design over multiple sessions it is imperative that the ink colors used remain the same for each session.

Any minor changes in the ink formula used could very well ruin the outcome of a large tattoo.

Using Quality Inks Means We Can Predict The Outcome

Any tattoo artist worth their salt is fully aware that the performance and predictability of the inks they use is key to producing the highest quality tattoo designs possible.

Committed tattoo artists will choose the inks they use on exactly how predictable such inks perform on their client’s skin.

High quality tattoo inks are generally alcohol-based, they are relatively thick in texture and are batch-to-batch color consistent.

Quality Tattoo Studios Use Quality Ink

As a business we have a reputation to maintain.

But more importantly, we want to be sure we’re delivering the best possible outcome to our clients.

In this respect we feel duty-bound to use only the highest quality of USA imported inks and always have done.

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