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What storage solutions to try in a bathroom?

Are you tired of clutter in the bathroom? Products or accessories lying around here and there, and that you never really know where to store? It is true that in the bathroom, often quite small in size, there is regularly a lack of space to dispose of all our belongings: bath linen, beauty and hygiene products and accessories. However, it is possible to rethink its layout to offer more compartments. So, what storage solutions for your bathroom? This guide gives you some ideas and techniques for better tidying up the bathroom.

The best storage furniture for the bathroom

Here are some essential storage furniture for a tidy bathroom.

The essential bathroom column

The column is undoubtedly the most effective piece of furniture for storing a bathroom. Whether on feet or suspended, a bathroom column can have one, two or three doors depending on the choice, but always with many shelves or several levels of storage inside. The open compartments are particularly appreciated, because they make it easier to integrate storage boxes and decorative baskets. Other column models prefer storage drawers, which are very practical in terms of access, since it is the storage itself that comes to you. 

Ideally high in shape and narrow in size, the bathroom column also has the advantage of saving precious space, it can occupy any type of space, even a small surface.

A mirror cabinet rather than a simple mirror

This small cupboard is versatile since it fulfills the function of both storage furniture and mirror. This is why when you are looking for additional compartments, you prefer this type of mirror. Behind the doors are several discreet shelves that allow you to put different things (toothbrushes, cosmetics, medicines, etc.).

A functional vanity unit

Do you want to organize the storage of your bathroom efficiently and with style? Rather than opting for a plan as a support for the washbasin, bet on a vanity unit that concentrates many functions in a single piece of furniture. Get the collection now on! If it serves above all as a location for the sink, it also includes storage space inside. Drawers and doors conceal spaces provided for storing various products and equipment. Depending on the size of the furniture, we can place more or less bulky objects such as the hair dryer for example. Before purchasing your piece of furniture, check the photos of the interior to see if it meets your needs.

One of the features that we particularly appreciate here and with which some vanity units are equipped, are the drawers with organizers. They add small practical compartments to organize your personal effects more efficiently. 

Store at height

Storage positioned high up is always an effective solution for better organizing a space. In a bathroom, this consists in particular of favoring suspended furniture. Whether it’s a closet, an open shelf or other furniture, the goal is to avoid overloading the floor and to add functional compartments in height.

Do sorting

Sorting out all the bathroom stuff is one of the solutions for choosing the right storage for your bathroom. Start by completely emptying your bathroom cupboards and spreading out all of their contents in front of you. This will give you an overview of all of your belongings, as well as a clear idea of ​​how to store them and give each of them a specific location. 

At the same time, you will see more clearly on the objects that should no longer clutter your bathroom such as expired products, worn accessories, etc. Then, group together in the same location or the same piece of furniture all the products and accessories according to their usefulness or use: care and hygiene items, pharmacy products, dirty linen, cleaning products… If you run out of space to store them separately, create dividers inside existing compartments, such as drawers for example. These will allow you to arrange them in an elegant and orderly way.

Exploit every nook and cranny

Properly tidying up the bathroom sometimes involves, especially if it is of small surface area, assigning a storage role to each free space. So hunt for all unused empty spaces, such as corners, the edges of the bath apron, the underside of the wall-mounted sink cabinet, the corners above the doors. You will find that your part is full of more supports than it appears. Most often neglected, these little nooks can easily be transformed into additional spaces to install mini-shelves or open niches, coat hooks, or laundry baskets. And even if they are shallow, they will still serve as extra storage for some accessories.

Organize in boxes and baskets

An easy-to-live-in bathroom never overlooks clever storage accessories. Baskets, bins and storage boxes are the most clever of these accessories if you want to have a clean place in your pond. Boxes to store make-up, erasers and gels, baskets to hide dirty and wet clothes, baskets to put hairdressing items, baby care… you just have to put them on the shelves, inside the drawers, on the open niches or even on the edges of the basin. The top is to adopt transparent bins and baskets or to stick labels on the boxes so that you can more easily recognize their contents.

Hooks and wall hooks

Also bet on rods with hooks, credenza bars, and pegs, and make smart use of the verticality of your bathroom. These accessories will be very useful when your room does not have enough floor space. Hang them directly on the back of the doors, on the walls, or on the furniture, this will allow you to grab your bathrobes, your towels and your brushes in a few seconds. However, be careful not to overload your walls at the risk of visually cluttering the room. Regarding more particularly bath towel dryers, choose a towel rack or a bathroom ladder: it’s ultra practical and trendy!

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