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Why does Lenovo not like being called a Chinese Company?

At first glance, Lenovo may employ contactless employees. All we care about is that they’ve built hundreds of identical computers and laptops and don’t know what’s going on around them. But actually, the Chinese have a great plan for life and existence. Without it, Lenovo would be in the same situation as Toshiba and Sony’s laptop divisions. ( If you are living in Pakistan then you need to know Lenovo Laptop Price in Pakistan. )

Lenovo’s annual IFA in Berlin is like a high school graduation. Lots of laptops, a few smartphones, and clear conversations about company benefits. The key themes for 2019 are ‘Where are we going and why?’ And ‘don’t call us Chinese industrialists’. And now – in more detail.

About “living things”. 

Lenovo has identified three categories of computing Technology (excluding smartphones) that will survive and never die for the next few years.


It is needed everywhere – the Internet can be connected to the Internet because sites and applications do not work based on the Holy Spirit, but under the control of the same computer, with a slightly different filling. 

• Computers for ‘humans’. 

No pressure from people to repair an industrial computer factory. These “general computers” include laptops, tablets, and workstations (desktops and laptops packaged for photographers, video editors, etc.).

• Small Internet Electronics. 

or It is called IoT (Internet of Things) devices in Europe. From smartwatches and Bluetooth speakers to gadgets that use voice commands to change the way your air conditioner works or the light levels in your home.

At the same time, Lenovo acknowledges that PC and laptop sales have declined in recent years as processors increase in speed by a large percentage each year. However, the Chinese immediately show a graph with information that profits are increasing! +5% every year. And everyone said they did the right thing.

And Lenovo is the most “un-Chinese” Chinese. Because they are very concerned that whatever the company is, it does not belong to any particular country. 2012), Lenovo was split into two. Lenovo made 50% of its profits in China and the remaining 50% outside China. And this fact was very disturbing to the Levites. The big question is whether China will always have money and whether there will be problems in exporting Chinese products. As you can see, the problems with Chinese sales outside of China have already started. And today, Lenovo is evenly split between China, Asia Pacific (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, etc.), EMEA (Europe, including Russia, Middle East, and Africa), and the United States. So, in Putin’s words, it becomes very difficult to “wet” the entire Lenovo in the toilet.

Yes, only American “friends” can topple many states with their sanctions, but Lenovo shrugs and says: At the same time, there is no doubt that the US government does not want this historic American asset should be seized. What kind of problems can I face here away from us?

Computer Market:

The Computer market is a rare case where a US company is very competitive (unlike smartphones where Apple owns only one and has recently fallen out of favor). Like Dell and HP, Apple is strong on MacBooks. At the same time, there are very few major Chinese laptop manufacturers aside from Lenovo – future Huawei laptops are uncertain, Xiaomi sells a ridiculous amount of laptops, and no other manufacturers (under US protection, (not counting Acer and ASUS in Taiwan). Is it your fear that the lobby of Chinese computer manufacturers will impose sanctions on your behalf to complement your main competitor?” he asks.

“We’re not going to be afraid. Sanctions against Chinese companies will trigger China’s retaliatory sanctions against America. You’re going to have a problem. In the end, everybody loses. Yes, we’re not those Chinese. Our 68 % of shares trade freely in Hong Kong. Stock exchange and the world Many people own parts of Lenovo, we have Lenovo factories in Mexico, Brazil, and Japan, and we only try to select experts in China. We do, we grow up with different mindsets and habits, I don’t know engineers, designers, or managers but none of the speakers at the fair were Chinese!, it’s unimaginable for Huawei or Xiaomi.

Yes, I would not advise you to blindly believe the sweet songs of senior executives about a bright future. Yet the reality is that Lenovo executives aren’t dealing with a dumb team saying “Communist brothers in China – give me 20 laptop models with almost the same specs” but that’s exactly what they envision. What are you doing and why? Because a future without Chinese computer manufacturers would be as bad as a future without Chinese phones on mobile phones. D&G is buying electronics: Dorogo & Sadno. It won’t end the world.

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