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10 Steps to Develop Good Arguments for Critical Analysis Essay

When someone critiques your actions, it may make you angry, but in the world of literature, critiquing someone’s work is necessary. There are various reasons supporting this claim. However, the most common one is that it helps maintain the quality of facts, theories, and other forms of literature. To put it another way, literary criticism is important as it helps authors summarise, analyse, interpret, and explore more about its value.

Hopefully, you will reach this post as you are worried about your critical analysis essay. This essay is all about sharing your personal views about the quality, authenticity, and value of someone else’s work. The subject of critical analysis in this task may be a movie by your favourite producer, a novel by your favourite writer, or a scholarly work that is assigned to you for critiquing. In all cases, you need to develop a good, balanced, and convincing argument. That can be done by following some simple steps, and by reading this article till the end you will be able to develop a perfect argument for writing a critical analysis essay.

Why Argument Is The Essential Component Of a Critical Analysis Essay?

Arguments allow us to evaluate conflicting claims and the quality of evidence used to support investigations. It sets the stage for clarifying our thoughts and articulating them more appropriately. Thus, in a critical analysis essay, arguments are essential to give feedback on ideas of others in a polite and respectful manner.

What Is An Argument In A Critical Essay? 

As a matter of course, an argument refers to the logically connected series of facts, reasons, and statements in order to support or establish a particular point of view. Basically, the purpose of an argument is to persuade readers of your point, whilst the purpose of a critical analysis essay is to present someone else’s work by evaluating its dark and bright sides. So in a few simple words, arguments in critical analysis essays are to judge strengths and weaknesses of a given piece of literature in a more logical fashion.

Is A Critical Analysis An Argument?

Of course not; there is a well-defined line of differences between these two terms. Arguments, as defined earlier, are frameworks devised to allow students to approach solutions to different problems by connecting different yet relatable links together. Contrary to this, critical analysis goals are two folds. The first is to identify the problem in someone else’s work, and the second is to make an argument to show how the author’s point of view differs from your understanding based on concrete assertions.

What Are the Ten Steps To Write Argument For Critical Analysis?

The following are some simple steps that are worth doing to develop good arguments for a critical analysis essay.

Start by Reading:

In the pursuit of the fact that readers are the leaders, to lead in critical analysis essay writing, you must also start by reading all revenant yet authentic pieces of information. 

Make A Thesis Statement:

The thesis statement is the subset of every essay writing process, so writing it must be the second step here as well. 

Brainstorm A Strong Introduction for Your Essay:

If you fail to write an outstanding introduction, it simply means you miss the chance to cast a spell on your reader. So, the third step must be to write a powerful, simple, brief, and engaging introduction for your critical analysis essay.   

Try to See the Given Piece of Information from All Possible Aspects:

After all, it’sa critical analysis essay, so reviewing an essay from all possible aspects is among the very preliminary steps; thus, it is added at the fourth position in this guide.   

Make An Outline To Show Both The Bright As Well As The Dark Side Of The Situation:

Outline helps us identify all points that seem irrelevant even before penning down a signal word. However, one thing to be kept in mind at this step must be to add both positive as well as negative points about the matter of discussion to develop a balanced argument.

Collect Evidence So Others Can Trust You:

In literature, an unsupported argument will be useless. So at this step, collect some evidence to support your view and add it to the outline.

Compile All Ideas Blowing In Your Mind To Come Out With Unique Topic Sentences For All Body Paragraphs:

Analyse everything that you know about the matter of interest will aid you in reaching at some point to take a clear position on a subject. Later on, this understanding will help you suggest unique topic sentences for all paragraphs.

Progressively Reach The Conclusion Of Your Essay:

Even before writing, you must decide on the conclusion of your analysis in your mind. This is important in being clear and concise throughout the essay.

Make A Final Draft And Make It Error-Free:

Just choose the right words and start writing freely. Though you are writing for an academic purpose, still free writing will help you make your draft coherent.  Lastly, review what you have written and make all necessary corrections to ensure error-free submission. 

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Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, techniques required to develop good arguments for a critical analysis essay resemble the ones necessary to make a critical paper. However, such essays often talk about one or two subjects as a matter of critique, and papers often review the situation from all possible aspects. Anyhow, both need us to develop arguments by making good claims and giving solid proof of the provided information.

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