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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Retro Football Shirts


Whether you’re a football fan or not, you should know retro football shirts should be taken care of. Besides, vintage items, whether football memorabilia or records worth a lot nowadays. So if you happened to have a few retro football shirts, you should take care of them.

Taking care of retro football shirts is one step toward having treasure pieces a lot of people have been wanting to have. Usually, fans collect these shirts so that they can feel nostalgia. If you’re one of the fans, you know the feeling of having your friends come over to watch a game on a box-type TV.

As for the new fans, they would also like to experience the football scene before. So whether it’s about looking back or appreciating the past, everyone deserves to get the football shirt they love.

Meanwhile, aside from the nostalgic feeling, here are more reasons why you shouldn’t neglect the retro football shirts you have!

1. Great investment

Did you know that retro football shirts are great investments? As mentioned, since many football fans are trying their best to obtain the shirts, they know what they’re worth and they’re willing to pay for them.

So if you have a few decent-looking retro football shirts in your closet, don’t hesitate to take care of them more than your regular shirts. And once you’ve sold them, you should continue investing in retro football shirts.

However, if you’re going to move forward selling retro football shirts, you should know a lot about the pricing and the right market. As a beginner, it’s not advisable to just create an online account and sell it there.

First, you can find the right store that knows how to sell retro football shirts. From there, you can gradually build your store.

2. Part of the history

Every retro football shirt contributed to what the sport has become. However, it’s more than the shirt. It’s about dedication, experience, and time spent by the players, organisers, and fans to create an amazing connection throughout every season.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of history, right? Even if you’re not there, obtaining something representing those times means a lot. Moreover, seeing how the shirts evolve through the years is something to look forward to.

For the fans, there are also personal reasons why they would like to get certain football shirts. So it may not just be about the games, but other things happening around it.


3. Sought-after designs

Have you noticed the changes from one design to another? Retro football shirts usually have loud colours and designs which makes them unforgettable. So when fans see a specific design, they can easily recognise which year their team had worn it.

Today, football shirts are more minimalist and simple designs. So when you compare the two, it’s easy to identify which is more modern than the other. And that’s the thing about retro football shirts, they have a specific style that makes them a must-have.

Aside from the designs, there are other details fans look for when they buy retro football shirts, the autographs. Who wouldn’t want the signature of their favourite player, right?

4. Quality lasts

What is it about the quality of vintage items that made them last? In the case of retro football shirts, they might’ve been through a lot, and most of them are still up for sale.

The high-quality materials used in most retro football shirts might be because the fabric is still developing. Furthermore, the process of making the shirts more gentle since the material is not so available compared to today. It may also be the reason why the number of available shirts is not as many as the latest designs.


5. Worth-collecting

Retro football shirts are considered to be one of the most popular collections in the world. Aside from the fact that collectors are investing, they just also want to obtain the greatest football shirts in history.

Although shirts are the main attraction for football fans, there are also other parts of the kits that are also in the collections, like goalkeepers’ gloves, cleats, and shinguards.

Besides, nowadays, retro football shirts are part of the fashion industry. And as you know, fashion costs a lot, so even icons have been looking for the best of the bests. Collecting retro football shirts may be an expensive hobby, but it can also be a great business in the future.

So before you let your retro football shirts collect dust, try to at least know their worth. And if you still don’t want them, let the collectors and fans have them instead. Don’t forget to share what shirts you have and the memories you have with them by leaving a comment below!

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