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7 Fun Ideas to Foster Virtual Team Building & Team Meeting Activities

Fostering a cohesive, productive, and successful team is everyone’s goal. Whether you’re on a remote team or all in the same office, virtual team building activities are essential to ensure everyone is connected, productive, and having fun. Here are some virtual team building activities and ideas to inject some fun into team meetings and team building events.

Virtual Team Building Activities & Ideas


✔ Make use of virtual games and activities

✔ Use virtual contests and prizes

✔ Connect with non-work related conversations

✔ Leverage virtual events

✔ Make use of remote activities

✔ Utilize virtual holiday team building activities

✔ Utilize virtual team events


Virtual team building activities and ideas provide many benefits to remote and office teams. Not only can they increase team cohesiveness and morale, but they also allow teams to collaborate, have fun, increase creativity, and spark productivity.


1. Games and Activities:

When it comes to virtual team building, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can play online games and activities that everyone can join in on, such as trivia or word games. You can even create your own virtual game or activity to get everyone involved and to make it more fun.

2. Contests and Prizes:

Contests and prizes are a great way to motivate and reward your team. Try coming up with a fun competition or challenge that everyone can join in on and reward the winners with a prize. This will inspire your team to work together and to up their game.

3. Non-Work Related Conversations:

It’s important to connect with your team outside of work. Having non-work related conversations on video calls helps to develop relationships, increases team morale, and will make team meetings much more enjoyable.

4. Virtual Events:

Virtual events are a great way to encourage team members to socialize and to get to know each other. This can involve anything from virtual happy hours to game nights.

5. Remote Activities:

Just because you’re not in the same physical space, doesn’t mean you can’t participate in activities together. There are many remote activities that everyone can join in on that involve things like scavenger hunts, art projects, and cooking challenges.

6. Virtual Holiday Team Building Activities:

During the holiday season, it’s important to get your team together to celebrate and to inject some fun into the team. Ideas such as virtual costume parties or remote photo scavenger hunts are great ways to get everyone together virtually and to have some fun.

7. Virtual Team Events:

Virtual team events are a great way to bring your team together and to show appreciation for their hard work. This can involve anything from virtual movie nights to team challenges that everyone can join in on.


Here are some tips to ensure your virtual team building activities are successful:

• Get creative and think outside the box

• Utilize online platforms to make it easier

• Make sure everyone understands the rules

• Give everyone enough time to prepare

• Make sure everyone is included

• Make sure the activities are fun and engaging


Virtual team building activities and ideas are crucial to help ensure your remote or office team is productive and cohesive. From virtual events to team challenges, there are many fun and effective ways to get your team together and to foster a great team culture.

People Also Ask FAQs:

Q: What is virtual team building?

A: Virtual team building is the process of fostering a productive, cohesive, and successful virtual or remote team through activities and events.

Q: What are some virtual team building activities?

A: Some virtual team building activities include online games and activities, virtual contests and prizes, non-work related conversations, virtual events, remote activities, virtual holiday team building activities, and virtual team events.

Q: What are virtual events?

A: Virtual events are online events such as virtual happy hours, game nights, and costume parties.

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