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Best Nightclubs, Bars and Things to Do in Sydney


Sydney represents Australia’s heart and soul for the clubbing culture! A young, vibrant and energetic city that never sleeps, you and anyone can always find something to do! Gone are the days when you’ve waited for the weekend to go wild and unhinged. Sydney today offers you a chance to experience something new and exotic during the night. All you have to do is get out there and explore the streets! There’s no telling what waits behind any corner!

1. Marrickville Bowling Club

Kicking your day off can start with a clean strike! The sound of balls rumbling and people cheering while you sit back and chug down margaritas is one of life’s great pleasures. Bowling alleys represent a time-worn tradition of casual and great fun, ideal for even corporate events. In the bowling alley, all are equal, and it’s your skill that matters. No, to put too much pressure, but you can still have plenty of fun with botched rolls and clumsy gameplay. The overall atmosphere sets the tone, and here the atmosphere is always fun!

2. Burlesque Brothel pleasure

When you wish to make your nights unforgettable and steamy, full of pleasures of the flesh, you can easily find something you will remember for a lifetime in Sydney. There’s no shame in indulging in the oldest profession in the world, and Sydney beauties have everything you can imagine. In the cozy rooms, or in caffes while you club, you can always hire professional and sexy escort to enhance your evening. You can find anything your heart desires in Sidney’s brothels. Whatever floats your boat will find its anchor behind the red lanterns. When morning dawns, you will be walking home with a smile on your face.

3. Ivy Pool Club

Lay back, relax and enjoy your drink while you listen to the sounds of water. Bask in the Sun, tan and take a leisurely swim. This is one side of the pools, but there’s a wild side bubbling beneath. During the nighttime, all pools transform into raving pool parties where you will need to take frequent pool dips to cool down. People in skinny swimsuits, cocktails left and right with bubbles, foam parties and great music! What more can you ask for a great weekend or anything to break the mould? Sydney is next to an ocean after all, and its pool party scene is sending waves. Why go to expensive surfing to experience a thrill when you can dive right into a pool party? You know it makes sense.

4. Do the Chinese Laundry

This is not an elaborate joke but a real club in Sydney. God knows how they got their name, but it has something to do with getting all nice and sweaty. The club regularly hosts DJ stars of the underground techno scene like Slink, Mohawke and other dance professionals, which can turn your night into feverish dancing until dawn. The crowds are filled to the brim with positive energy and coffee to keep those energy levels pumping. When you are done, and out, you will be folded, mixed, wet and satisfied, feeling brand new. Maybe that’s how the club got its name.

5. Something for everyone at the Junction

The Junction represents a perfect mix for those who crave music, dancing and food. You can start a fabulous night out by going to their forty-seat restaurant and getting some finger food. Asian tapas, chicken salad, fried anything, or street food served in a new light the Junction has a menu for you to lay the foundation of the night. You can’t dance until dawn with an empty stomach. Next in line are their cocktails and mixes to get your buzz going in a flash and onto the dance floor. Underground jazz and reggae with techno and rock, there’s no telling what will intersect at the Junction. At any time during the week, it’s worth checking out what the Junction offers.

Young, wild and full of opportunities is what we would use to describe Syndey nightlife. Or it’s the clubbing scene in general. From beaches to pools, clubs to bordels, basements to rooftops, the party does not stop in this unofficial capital of Australia. Good energy flows and seeps from every pore, where it becomes so condensed that it becomes palpable. It’s easy to get carried away by it and get lost in what Syndey offers. Which is exactly why we go out into the night!

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