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Bryson Lashun Potts – Better Known As NLE Choppa

Bryson Lashun Potts, commonly referred to by his stage name of Nle Choppa, gained immense notoriety with the release of his debut single “Shotta Flow.” Currently signed to No Love Entertainment.

Memphis-native Remy Ma has made several lifestyle adjustments since becoming prominent, such as vegetarianism and meditation. He has also spoken publicly about his depression while often rapping about mental health concerns.

He is signed to No Love Entertainment

Bryson Potts, better known by his stage name NLE Choppa from Memphis is a rising rap superstar. Starting freestyling at age 14, and taking music seriously by 15, his breakthrough single “Shotta Flow” quickly amassed millions of views and attracted major-label interest.

In 2019, he released his debut EP Cottonwood and shortly after signed with Warner Records to form No Love Entertainment label imprint. Top Shotta debuted as his debut studio album in August 2020 with special guests Mulatto, Lil Baby and Roddy Ricch all featured as guest artists.

NLE Choppa’s rise to stardom has not come without difficulties. In 2021, his girlfriend Mariah revealed she had experienced miscarriage while filming NLE Choppa’s video for “Shotta Flow.” After this revelation came to light, the couple separated and later divorced; later that year Nle choppa age was arrested on domestic violence charges; his lawyer claimed these were baseless but eventually released him on bail.

He is a member of the Shotta Fam

Nle Choppa is one of the members of Shotta Fam, a hip hop collective founded by rapper Baby Scrap Magic in Memphis. They’ve made waves through music videos on TikTok as well as being recognized for their signature styles and energetic performances; additionally they have received widespread acclaim for their song “Shotta Flow”.

Bryson Potts, more popularly known as Nle Choppa, was born November 1, 2002. He holds American nationality and practices Christianity; his mother Angela Ellis Potts oversees his career management.

At 14 he began rapping professionally under the stage name YNR Choppa and eventually changed it to his current stage name – in 2019 releasing his debut EP Cottonwood as well as single “Shotta Flow.”

Nle Choppa’s song became an incredible hit, reaching over 30 million views in just one month on YouTube. Due to this unprecedented success, several major record labels bid for his contract; ultimately he decided on signing with Steve Stoute’s independent distribution company UnitedMasters while maintaining ownership over his songs.

He has a YouTube channel

Bryson Lashun Potts, popularly known by his stage name Nle Choppa from Memphis has made waves on the hip-hop scene. With an online YouTube channel and performances at events such as VMA Pre-Show 2023. He recently performed live!

Nle Choppa may have found great success in music, but other areas of his life have not gone quite so smoothly. He has taken to other sports including boxing without much luck; and recently uploaded a video showing himself throwing punches at professional boxer Lorenzo “Truck” Simpson which quickly went viral – Nle Choppa later apologized to Simpson for this incident.

Nle Choppa’s rise to stardom has been propelled by his single “Shotta Flow.” This track, which reimagined Nelly’s 2009 hit “Hot in Herre,” earned critical acclaim and made its way onto Billboard charts as it reached number 36. Nle Choppa demonstrated his dedication to his craft by opting not to sign with any major label; instead he has signed an independent distributor UnitedMasters which allows him to maintain control of both master recordings and publishing rights.

He has received acclaim for his single “Shotta Flow”

The song has earned widespread acclaim from music industry insiders and radio stations around the globe, with fans loving its catchy beat and clever bars. Furthermore, this success story has encouraged young rappers to pursue their goals and find success.

Bryson Potts, better known by his stage name NLE Choppa, has achieved great success through his popular social media freestyle videos. He has collaborated with renowned artists Roddy Ricch and Lil Durk as well as created original remixes. Furthermore, NLE Choppa has performed at several music festivals around the country.

Rap star NLE Choppa has also made headlines for his controversial views and lifestyle choices, such as being involved with polygamous relationships before opting out. Marissa Da’Nae recently experienced miscarriage; during this difficult time she thanked NLE Choppa for being supportive during this difficult time in an Instagram post dedicated to supporting them both during this challenging time.

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