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Common Drain Cleaning Techniques

Every homeowner has to deal with a blocked sewer at some point. However, even though chemical liquids often offer a quick and easy solution to the problem, they can potentially damage the balance of your septic system and will damage the planet. Below are a few cheap, green solutions to a clogged drain.

1. Prevent the problem. When was the last time that you cleaned out the drains in your bathroom or your kitchen? It may not be the usual exciting project in your residence, but gutters get filled with garbage and debris from everyday usage. Spending a few minutes cleaning these things out can save you time and money in the long run.

2. A plunger. Plungers can be a little bit gross, but with a little bit of elbow grease and a little bit of overall effort; you can often clear a pesky blockage without risking the long-term health of the environment.

3. Drain snake. While many people are often intimidated when they think about using a drain snake, it is, in reality, a straightforward and fundamental tool. Simple insert the ends of the snake into the blocked drain and create revolving and arousing the snake until the blockage has been cleared.

One of the most frequently employed tools by plumbers is a drill or drain snake. This is a flexible metallic tube, a reliable tool for clearing clogged drains. This is a very dependable way of handling blocked drains. The plumber would push it through the drain till it makes contact with the blockage and continues moving it further beyond whatever may be causing the backup of the gutter. 

Plumbers can put in a drain snake straight from the toilet, tub, or sink until it comes into contact with the pipe’s obstruction. When reaching that point, the plumber uses the crank to extricate the item, blocking the line’s passage.

Another standard tool used by plumbers is a hydro jet for handling clogged drains. It’s a washer that can build up a pressure of water to clear the blockage. It easily removes accumulated filth on the walls of pipes, and it is convenient and safe to use. This arrangement is also environment-friendly.

Although a drain snake might not be the first tool you think of when it comes time to consider a basement waterproofing project, it’s one of the most important elements you could have to keep a basement dry. Snake augers keep your basement floor drain and main sewer clear of clogs from tree roots and other obstructions, which can lead to big problems for waterproofing.

Regardless of how high-quality your basement waterproofing system is, there’s always a chance that an extreme rainstorm could lead to flooding in your cellar. In this case, your floor drain is the only thing that will save you from severe water damage, and if it’s blocked, then there will be no place for all of that excess rainwater to escape your basement.

That’s where a snake comes in: even if your main sewer line is only partially blocked or clogged, then a drain snake drill can help you remove the obstructions quickly and easily. The right drain snake drill can remove everything from dirt and light grease to small tree roots, although they can’t cut through the most significant roots.

Suppose you are experiencing a sewer clog that your household snake can’t handle. In that case, you might want to call in a professional plumber or basement waterproofing contractor, who sometimes has industrial strength drain augers that have a lot more power behind them. The next level of drain cleaning is high-pressure water jetting systems, which are much more expensive to operate but much more effective in blasting out clogs.

Of course, if your root problem is severe enough, there might be nothing you can do except excavating down to the sewer line and replacing it. Although this might be a bit expensive initially, it will save you plenty of money if it prevents a flooding situation anytime soon.

DrainX manufactures a variety of quality drain cleaning solutions for both the do it yourself or the professional. We offer a wide range of heavy duty drain augers, plumbing snakes, cables, descalers and other plumbing supplies that are easily manageable for at-home use.

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