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Exploring the Craftsmanship of Lakhany Collections

Lakhany is a clothing brand by Lakhany Silk Mills. It provides the customer with unstitched, stitched, bottoms and sleepwear as well. With so many options to choose from, you can get anything you are looking for from Lakhany. Not just this, a kids collection is also available which includes casual and formal clothes. Raja Sahib has all Lakhany Collections online on their website. It is a top marketplace where you can buy all original brands.

Lakhany Online Collections 2023

The brand was created on the basis of providing women trendy and fashionable clothes. Slowly they expanded their brand and included men and kids collections. Their aim has been to provide quality clothes which is exactly what they have delivered over the years. With three individual categories there are sub categories. For example the women’s clothes include ready to wear, unstitched, bottoms and sleepwear. The unstitched and stitched collection comes with  For men they have kurta, kameez, shalwar and waistcoats. You can choose from an unstitched and stitched collection with whichever you feel easy with. The major focus of their clothing is ethnic/ eastern style. This is why the hues, designs and prints are majorly Pakistani.

Elegant Lakhany Lawn Collection

With the coming of spring and summer season, lawn collections are being released by all brands. Lakhany lawn collection consists of both unstitched and pret clothes. They have released black stitched collection. This is a 1 piece collection which only has black shirts. Each shirt is different from the other one but all have embroidered work on them.

Summer gold unstitched embroidered collection is their newly released collection. The collection hues are vivid and give off summer vibes. The mix of print and embroidery in this collection beautifully compliments each other. The color palette is wide and includes shades from light to dark. The favorite one is the yellow shirt with light blue fancy messori dupatta. The colorful trees print at the bottom makes the whole suit stand out. And with such affordable prices, the collection is a must have.

Great Quality Lakhany Fabric | Unstitched and Stitched

From 3 piece unstitched to 2 and 1 piece, Lakhny stores all kinds of collections. Lawn collections now include printed, embroidered, block printed, and other designs. There are several collections with embroidered textiles over printed ones. As Lakhany constantly produces works of the finest calibre, people love their collections wholeheartedly. All types of bottoms are available from unstitch to ready-to-wear from online websites. Lakhany’s summer lawn collection features many pretty, feminine forms and styles. It has lawn and chiffon dupattas as well as finely embroidered patterns.

Get Everything at Discounted Price with Amazing Lakhany Sale

For its winter clothes, Lakhany employs a range of fabrics, including velvet, khaddar, slub peach, and cashmere. You may select the fabric that flatters you the most and accessorise it whichever way you like. Lakhani Silk Mills is highly known in the fashion industry for its lines of winter shawls for women. The LSM shawls are expertly crafted from the finest winter materials. The shawls themselves are the centre of attention in the collection.

Their collections for both men’s and women’s clothes include distinctive elements from the east and west. Excellent standards and a faultless fabric combination are upheld by Lakhany. As a result, they rose to prominence as a fashion company with high creative standards. You are prepared to go anywhere when you are wearing a piece of Lakhany with just the right amount of flare.

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