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Get Your Comfort Food Fix with These Homemade Tater Tots

To fulfil your evening snacking, you always look forward to various options. The best recipe is to try the Homemade Tater Tots Recipe. In this blog, let’s see how to make these potato snacks.

What makes the tater tots so famous worldwide?

Potato-made snacks or food are something everybody enjoys no matter what age group they are in. French fries are common but have you ever wanted to try something unique than the fries? Then tater tots are the best option. You won’t believe it, but the recipe of this dish or the invention of the dish was no less than an accidental invention.

Years back Ore-Ida, a frozen French fries selling company, discovered the recipe. While making their potato fries, potato edges got wasted. Therefore, they thought of making use of those edges into a fine shape as a newly launched product. This invention was a boom to the food industry in those days.

The outer surface of the potato snack is crunchy, but the inner part is full of mushy and soft. If you truly want to enjoy the flavors of the dish, then combine it with the Dingolay hot sauce.It will give your taste buds the tastefulness of the recipe. Instead of purchasing frozen food, you should try the recipe at home. It requires simple, few ingredients, and the method of making this dish is easy.

But before getting to the Homemade Tater Tots Recipe, let’s read about the significance of the hot sauces in this recipe. 

Why are snacks incomplete without Dingolay Hot Sauce

If we consider the origin of the hot sauces, it takes to the time of Azetaics. Those were the people who loved to grow and harvest peppers and chilies. They grew a distinctive variety of peppers. Once they tried out all of the flavors, they still wanted something other than the peppers to flavor their dishes. So, what they did was they started fermenting peppers in the mixture of diluted vinegar. After a certain time, the fermentation resulted in the discovery of hot sauce.

They traded these sauces with different types of peppers from around the world. Soon, these hot sauces were available on every continent. People loved to try the distinctive flavors and colors of hot sauces. They widely use it for dipping purposes and cooking and marinating food. 

The multiple-choice usage encourages everyone to add them to their food. Not only tater tots, but you can enjoy almost every snack. 

The variety of hot sauces requires different varieties of peppers. For example, you might have heard of or seen scotch bonnet peppers. You will find them in the Caribbean region. These taste mild, sweet, and savory; therefore, has a high demand for distinctive cuisines. 

In general, the brand has launched three basic flavored hot sauces; one is the original tropical flavored, and two are pineapple and mango tropical flavored.

The best tater tots recipe you can follow

You only need a handful of ingredients you will find in your kitchen easily for the recipe. Take some potatoes and boil them. Then, you can add the seasoning you like, which could be a few or more than that. And then add salt, pepper or any other ingredient you want. After mixing these with the boiled potatoes, coat them with cornmeal or any other coating you find convenient. You can shape it in cylindrical form, the authentic form of the tater tots.

The last step is to fry them, and you are done. Now dish out the snacks and drizzle the hot sauce on them. You would have noticed this Homemade Tater Tots Recipeis the easiest and quickest.

Usually, the dish is served as an appetizer at many restaurants. The use of hot sauce is the main ingredient for the recipe. In general, the taste of this dish is plain, not too salty and not too spicy. To enhance the flavors, you need something spicy, hot, or savory, which is possible with a bottle of hot sauce.

A variation in the main recipe- loaded tater tots recipe

Sometimes, if you are bored with a simple recipe, you can try out this recipe. You can consider this dish a bit heavier and with more calories-containing dishes. That’s because of the ingredients. After frying the tater tots, you already made by following the basic recipe,grab cheese and mayonnaise. Also, you can add different vegetables like spring onions, tomatoes, or herbs.

Place the tater tots and spread cheese along with the other mentioned ingredients. Bake the dish in the oven and then enjoy the melted cheese over it.


 You will love the amazing combination of hot sauce and Homemade Tater Tots Recipe.

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