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The NEBOSH Cambridge International Certificate in Safety and Health at Work is a worldwide recognized qualification in the field of health and safety. It educates you on everything you could want to learn and do to keep people safe and improve the success of your firm.

NEBOSH Certificate Course Information
Learning MethodsOnline or regular classes
UnitsIG1: Management of Health and Safety.IG2: “Practical Risk Assessment 
TestingOnline open book exam Workplace-based risk assessment
Entry CriteriaLiterate in the English Language

What Characteristics are Used To Evaluate The NEBOSH Course In Dubai?

A two-step approach is used to examine the NEBOSH Course in Dubai:

IG1: A concluding interview and an online open-book exam (OBE).

IG2: A realistic risk assessment for the workplace

To earn your certificate, you must pass both tests.

For Unit IG1 of the NEBOSH General Diploma, the open book exam substitutes the 2-hour written test. You may now take both of your NEBOSH tests in the comfort of your own home or another secure place.

NEBOSH Certificate Advantages

You’ll be allowed to do the following after passing the NEBOSH Diploma:

Prevent injuries in your work to guarantee that people are safe.

To prevent getting punished, make sure your company is health and safety certified.

With an internationally recognized degree, you may jumpstart your career in health and safety.

Supporting your employer’s safety culture can make you more valuable to them.

Is NEBOSH Course Correct Certification For You?

The NEBOSH Degree is for anybody who, as part of their job, needs a broad grasp of health and safety in order to handle day-to-day hazards, such as Health and safety officers and advisors;  managing directors, HR Managers, Governors, Security Workers, and Public Service Workers.

It’s also a great place to start if you’re interested in a career in health and safety. It provides a solid basis for subsequent study due to its useful orientation to health and safety. The training does not require any prior health and safety expertise or knowledge.

Is The NEBOSH Qualification Accepted In The United Arab Emirates?

Definitely! One of the most prominent health and safety credentials among Middle Eastern companies, spanning from tiny firms to large multinationals, is the NEBOSH General Certification. If you include it in your CV and LinkedIn profile, you’ll have access to a world of new career chances.It is recognised by international organisations such as the College of Health And safety At work (IOSH) and the Research Centre of Risk and Safety Administration.

Online Health and Safety Training

Top institutes promote online learning and improve corporate efficiency. With access-both online and offline-you can effortlessly fit your studies into your day.

The online courses were developed by a team of cutting-edge training designers and industry professionals to ensure that you can confidently learn, share, and apply what you’ve learned.

Improved Student Involvement

With these lively, engaging, and totally immersive learning experiences, you’ll feel ready to take on today’s difficulties. In the digital hub, you may explore a wealth of material, acquire new skills through interactive exercises, and engage with others in learning areas.

Education In A Group

In addition, you may contact and cooperate with experts all around the world in the unique LinkedIn support groups. Active participation in group conversations, hearing how others are dealing with health and safety in the workplace, and benefiting from career advice and suggestions.

Data analysis and Reporting

Do you want to track your student’s progress? The reporting and analytics services will provide you with all the information you need to make informed, decisive choices if you’re educating a big group of employees. Learners’ activities, progress, competencies, and evaluations may all be accessed.

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