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Star Swim Schools: Are You an Aspiring Swimmer

Star Swim Schools was founded on the belief that water skills and safety are invaluable life lessons, and are dedicated to providing engaging, fun, developmentally appropriate learn-to-swim experiences for our swimmers that build them into safer, smarter, stronger swimmers. As the Peak Industry Body for 600 Swim Schools, we operate world-leading practices including education, qualifications, professional development support as well and business support services – creating safer communities through swimming lessons Cranbourne!


Swimming Lessons in Cranbourne & Clyde

Drowning is one of the leading causes of childhood death, but learning to swim can drastically decrease this risk. Additionally, learning helps build self-confidence as well as provide an effective fitness regimen and way to shed extra calories.

Swimming requires coordination and enhances overall motor development in children. Furthermore, it teaches them about discipline and focus.

Group lessons offer children an engaging learning environment that fosters confidence in the water. Children gain knowledge by watching and being encouraged by more experienced swimmers to work harder – encouraging children to push themselves further and form friendships that may last a lifetime.

At our facilities, children can experience swimming lessons safely and securely. Our pool water is continuously filtered while our friendly staff is always willing to answer questions or reschedule lessons at a convenient time for you. Furthermore, we provide flexible payment plans with generous family discounts!

Learn to Swim in Cranbourne & Clyde

Swimming lessons provide children with an engaging way to develop essential water safety and lifesaving skills, and studies have indicated that those who learn are more likely to lead an active, healthy lifestyle as adults.

Swimming classes Cranbourne is an innovative learning program that will take your child’s swimming and water safety lessons to new levels. Its innovative teaching approach emphasizes experiential and activity-based learning while offering them clear pathways toward lifelong aquatic participation.

Swimming offers numerous and far-reaching benefits; whether you’re searching for an easy low-impact workout, rehabilitation in a safe environment, or socialising with others STARplex has something for you. Search our classes or book one now online.

Swimming Lessons for Adults

Swimming may seem like an activity reserved only for children, but learning as an adult can be just as fulfilling and enriching. Swimming opens up an amazing world of aquatic adventures ranging from backyard pool parties to beach vacations; plus it enhances safety, builds confidence, and even saves lives in emergency situations!

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for adults, revitalizing your body while burning calories quickly and aiding physical ailments like asthma and arthritis.

No matter your experience level or goals in swimming, our highly knowledgeable and passionate swimming instructors will tailor each class specifically to you. Our adult swim classes provide a safe and welcoming environment where you can improve your strokes, build endurance, and overcome fears of water. Plus our flexible schedule allows for you to learn at your own pace; even starting in the middle of a month (tuition will be pro-rated!).

Swimming Lessons for Ladies

Are You an Aspiring Swimmer but Feel Intimidated by Group Classes? Private lessons could be just what’s needed. Instructors can focus their attention directly on each student, speeding up the learning process. Furthermore, these one-on-one lessons provide constant encouragement and positive reinforcement which can boost confidence levels and further push them in the water.

The class will focus on refining strokes and increasing endurance for front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, dolphin kick, and dive progressions as well as advanced personal safety and rescue techniques.

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