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The Power of Influencer Marketing on Instagram

The global influencer marketing market has grown from $1.7 billion in 2016 to an expected $16.4 billion in 2022 (Geyser, 2022). If anybody knows digital marketing, they probably know Influencer marketing on Instagram. When the internet first appeared in the 1990s, it was introduced (eazyresearch, 2022). In addition, Instagram is an excellent start if you want to work with influencers this year.

Instagram’s popularity has risen, particularly since 2013. Instagram had 600 million active users as of the end of December 2016. It was just a matter of time before businesses became aware of Instagram to support their influencer marketing, given its rapid rise in popularity. Of course, the fact those Instagram postings are so visually appealing makes them ideal for attracting more customers.

Additionally, the fact that Generations Y and Z, who will soon be the biggest consumers and marketers love to target, are big fans of Instagram. For that, Generations Y and Z must do an MBA degree to get into this industry. In addition, getting an MBA degree can done if they take MBA Assignment Help from their teacher.

Therefore, this post writer from the best assignment help service will discuss the rise of Instagram in influencer marketing, its benefits as well as why you need to choose Instagram for marketing purposes.

Rise of Instagram Influencers

Soon after brands realized Instagram’s exciting potential, they began to see how influencer marketing could use. Yes, a few prominent companies have visually appealing products and are probably influential enough on their own. In addition, yes, any company that purchases Instagram ads will increase its visibility on the platform. However, many businesses have found that collaborating with successful influencers who have built sizable, loyal followings is their most effective strategy.

One of the earliest social media platforms to establish connections between companies and influencers was Instagram. This was most like brought on by a combination of Facebook’s support and the value that came with the visual posts.

To share engaging and aesthetically pleasing posts with their followers, brands have worked with numerous of the top Instagrammers in the fields of fashion, makeup, food, and, of course, photography. The majority of these influencers’ millions of followers are devoted to the shared images that they post.

Marketers discovered that Facebook and Instagram were twice as crucial as other social media platforms for influencer marketing. Indeed, 87% of marketing companies used both platforms for influencer marketing.

The Advantages of Using Instagram as an Influencer Marketing Platform

Google searches for “influencer marketing” have increased by 1500% in the last three years, and for good reason. We will tell you why Instagram is the ideal way to use social media for influencer marketing.

  1. It’s more natural

Despite the fact that Instagram ads are still useful in modern influencer marketing strategies, influencer content on Instagram is a significant source of organic traffic.

Customers have numerous ways to interact with an influencer thanks to real-time content (like Stories or Live) and excellent posts (featuring photos or videos).

Instead of focusing on a single advertisement, consumers can interact with content. Therefore, influencers, who act as brand ambassadors for you, are free to use their creativity to incorporate your product into their everyday lives and promote it in whatever way they think is most appropriate.

Referral traffic to e-commerce websites has soared since influencer marketing began to use on Instagram. Even tweets are no longer successfully converting consumers because it has overtaken them as the primary source of traffic.

  1. It’s niche

Instagram allows users to find and interact with niches that concern them in a variety of ways.

First, say hi to hashtags. Hashtags (such as #bigcommerce) are simple ways to connect content to a particular niche. When a hashtag is search, consumers have immediate access to any post that incorporates it. For campaigns or brand awareness, many companies develop their own hashtags, which they then encourage their audience to use.

Second – the Instagram Explore page. While it is still unclear how to get to the Explore page, doing so is a huge accomplishment. The Instagram Explore page is tailor to each user based on the content they interact with. The majority of the time, the user’s preferred niche is represent on this page by posts. They officially opened a topic feature, which allows you to view Instagram Explore pages according to specific niches (like fashion, travel, and even Instagram Shopping).

Third – the algorithm. The Insta algorithm is set up to show content that users are very likely to interact with, despite the fact that it seems to change every day. What exactly does this mean? Instagram no longer uses a chronological feed; instead, it prioritizes posts from users’ favorite accounts or accounts they have not yet followed that have similar themes and styles.

Overall, it is an excellent way to identify a market niche. Because a specific influencer may already be targeting a niche, they have already done the hard work of assembling followers.

  1. It’s a private matter

One of the primary reasons that influencer marketing engages on Instagram is the personal connection that exists between marketers and their target audience.

The key to influencer marketing success is to leverage an authentic, genuine, and engaged relationship. Instagram users who follow your brand will perceive it as a reliable and successful one because you have brand ambassadors there.

The truth is that brands are unaware of how frequently influencers and their viewers communicate. While you and the influencer may be working together on a particular post, the influencer will also be answering comments from their followers and urging them to buy from your brand.

How Instagram Influencer Marketing Can Help Your Brand?

Influencer marketing is great for increasing brand awareness, and it can be especially effective on a visual platform like Instagram. The more people who can see your brand’s posts, the more people who are aware of it. Clearly, an influencer with a thousand followers can perform far better in terms of brand awareness than you are likely to do with fewer active followers. Often, the free product given to influencers is the only cost incurred by a brand.


Instagram influencers are frequently use by brands to promote events. There is no doubt. Influencer marketing is undoubtedly still relevant and even flourishing on Instagram, which has matured considerably. I hope that this post will help you successfully execute your first Instagram influencer marketing campaign. It is obvious that the process entails quite a bit of work, but it is all going to be worthwhile in the end.

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