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The importance of a car headlight is well-known by every driver, especially after dark. But just as the performance of other bulbs deteriorates, the car headlight bulb also needs to be changed after a point of time. To replace a new one, you need to follow the right method that will help you to ensure the utmost safety on the road as well as quality performance. Below is a complete guide on how to change a car bulb appropriately.

However, not only does the car headlight bulb need frequent replacement, but other bulbs, such as the indicators, need to be checked regularly. A defective indicator bulb needs immediate replacement, just like a car headlamp. Therefore one should approach a renowned online car accessories shopping website to purchase all the required products to maintain the vehicle appropriately. 

But before moving on to replace a headlight, inspecting the cause of its malfunction is essential. This might occur due to misalignment of the bulb or the bulb being out. Sometimes the issue might also be serious and requires professional help. In such circumstances, you must take the vehicle to an expert professional who would diagnose the issue in the car headlight bulb minutely and find quick solutions for fixing it.

Steps That You Need To I Undertake To Change A Car Bulb:

Look At The Owners Manual First:

The first thing you need to replace is a new bulb. But selecting a random bulb might not prove compatible with your car. Therefore it is always a good idea to look at the owner’s manual before selecting the right bulb for your car. Your car manual will contain all the details about all the steps to follow and the type of bulb to opt for. 

Turn Off The Vehicle:

Once you have thoroughly gone through the owner’s manual and managed to get hold of a compatible bulb, you must turn off the vehicle first. This should be done responsibly. Don’t forget to remove the keys from the ignition. This will ensure the utmost safety.

Get Hold Of The Malfunctioning Bulb:

Open the hood and get hold of the bulb of the headlight. Remember to remove all the power connections of the bulb behind the headlight. This step must be done consciously. Generally, three wires are connected to the bulb’s base, which should be disconnected by pulling the cap or the clip that keeps them fixed. This mechanism might vary from vehicle to vehicle. Follow the user manual to gain knowledge about the mechanism.

Take Out The Old Bulb:

Once all the wires are successfully disconnected, remove the old bulb. Hold the base firmly to take out the bulb. If you find it difficult to pull out easily, try rotating the bulb to make it free for smoothly pulling it out. 

Install The New One:

Before installing the new bulb, make sure that you follow all the necessary precautions. First, use a tissue or gloves to hold the bulb. This will prevent grease, dirt and any other contaminant from sticking on the bulb and causing failure before time. Ensure that your bulb comes with dielectric grease. This will help establish a weather-resistant connection with all the terminals and plugs of the lamp. 

Along with detailed knowledge about replacing car headlights, it is also important to know the various reasons that give way to an easy burnout of the headlamp. Below are some common reasons:

The Bulb Is Being Used For Long:

Old headlamps are one of the common reasons why you need immediate replacement. You will also find that if one bulb stops working, others will not provide long service. Therefore keep your backups handy to avoid any hassle.

Excessive Heat or Cold:

Extreme temperatures take a toll on the well-being of the headlights. This is because the filament is highly impacted due to excessive heat or cold, which will eventually lead to the burnout of the lamp. 


This is why the lights are dimmed, which makes it change its colour to yellow or white. This, however, affects the light beam and makes the replacement of the whole headlight assembly compulsory.

Final Thoughts:

The headlight is one of the main components that offer visibility in the dark; a car’s safety depends on the light’s quality. A dimming lamp would make it difficult for the driver to see the oncoming road. This will threaten damage to the vehicle and the driver’s life. 

If you see the headlamp’s performance deteriorating, replace it as soon as possible. Follow all the steps mentioned above to change a car bulb. You can easily place an online order from Carorbis and address all your vehicle requirements from the most renowned and trustworthy platform.

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