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What to do when the blog loads slowly.

Many people read websites and blogs from smartphones and tablets, so if the loading speed is slow, users who come to read the blog posts will be frustrated that “this blog is slow”.

In this article, I will focus on the “Summary of what to do when a blog created with WordPress is slow to load”.

First, check PageSpeed Insights to see if WordPress loading speed and Core Web Vitals metrics are passed.

This is just the procedure for speeding up WordPress in this blog.

In addition, if you are too particular about speed, there is a disadvantage that the layout of the blog will be simple, so I hope you will implement it to the extent necessary.

Also, as an SEO measure for your blog, it is fundamental not only to speed up WordPress but also to create high-quality articles.

Here’s how to speed up WordPress:

  •  Reduce the amount of data in an image.
  •  Always keep your PHP version up to date.
  •  Disable and delete plugins and themes you don’t use.
  •  Use standard fonts.
  •  Switch to a high-performance rental server.

By the way, according to Google, “the longer the page load time, the higher the website churn rate”.

Page load time rate

1~3 sec 32%

1~5 sec 90%

1~6 sec 106%

1~10 sec 123%

So, if you are developing and running a website or blog with WordPress, it is important to make the loading speed as fast as possible by 1 second.

Reduce the amount of data in an image.

If the image is still original, the data capacity of the image will be large, and the page will load slowly.

Therefore, even just “reducing the data capacity of the image” will greatly improve the display speed.

To reduce the data capacity of an image, click

  • Optimize images for upload.
  • Using WebP images.

There are two.

Optimize images for upload.

How to optimize the images for your website or blog

  • Using plugins

If you want to make your images easier and lighter, the EWWW Image Optimizer plug-in is the way to go.

EWWW Image Optimizer optimizes not only newly uploaded images but also images that have already been uploaded.

  • Using an image compression site

If you want to keep the image quality clean and light, use an image compression site. Both are easy-to-use tools, so I hope you find them helpful.

If you want to optimize while checking the image quality

I often use a tool called Jpeg Compressor.

In addition to being able to make fine adjustments, you can compare the image before and after conversion, which is very convenient because you can optimize it while adjusting the image quality.

Using WebP images

WebP is a next-generation image format recommended by Google.

Depending on the type of image, the image data capacity of WebP format is 26% smaller than PNG format images and 25~34% smaller than JPEG format images.

WordPress allows you to upload images in WebP format from ver5.8, but it is easiest to install a plugin.

  • 「EWWW Image Optimizer」
  • 「Converter for Media」
  • 「Imagify」
  • 「ShortPixel Image Optimizer」

Plugins such as

  • Can be converted to WebP at the same time as uploading images (limited depending on the type of free version plug-in)
  • When a WordPress site/blog is displayed, any WebP-compatible browser will display a WebP image.

Always keep your PHP version up to date

Needless to say, the newer the version of PHP, the faster it will be processed. In addition, the version of PHP that is no longer supported has risks such as vulnerabilities and bugs, so it is better to apply the latest version of PHP if possible.

Disable and delete plugins and themes you don’t use

When speeding up WordPress, it is basic to “use only the minimum necessary plugins and themes” as much as possible.

Use standard fonts

Applying external fonts will slow down your site loading.

Therefore, unless there is a special reason, we recommend that you keep the standard WordPress font.

Switch to a high-performance rental server

Always try to use high configuration dedicated server if you afford it.

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